Satya projects are crowd funded organization accepting direct deposits into our bank account or online payments through our crowd-funding campaigns running on Kickstarter. We also are looking for property offers from governments.

Besides supporting our organization or one of our projects anyone can help make these projects become reality not only by helping financially but also with a hard job, his connections and recommendations!

We are always looking for volunteers who wish to donate their time, experience and knowledge in order to fulfill our organizations targets: Launching Krishna Kitchen, building Ganeshapur and continue Vedatrac book series.

You can help us if you help us get funded. And there are many ways how to do it:
- share our projects in your social network, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others
- convince your friends do the same (the more shares, the more information available about our projects, the sooner we will reach our target)
- talk about our projects with your friends and people who might be interested in such things
- to reach someone who could recommend us to someone who might be interested to support our organization with donations
- organizing charity events

At the end it will be your kids who will have vegetarian food available at their schools and it will be you who will be always welcomed guest at Ganeshapur!

Take your first steps now! Recomend us on Facebook now! Or contact us to offer your solution! Together we will make it! And even if little - your help is vital!