Yes, yes, yes ! Our reggae queens are back! The Best Milky & Juicy Female Collection IV, more juicy & more milky than ever!

The most popular new reggae singers reveal a unifying union, bringing a moment of holiness and spiritual feelings of an amazing world. Lyrics in this release are inspired by Edwin Arnold's book "The Light of the World or The Great Consummation", giving the spiritual light- flowing from each melody.

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Big and tender eyes, sorrow for our sin, Joy when we strive properly, aware of the Beginning. The songs here are about love, about a higher understanding and a deeper truth, which belongs to sacred texts, with deepest meaning.

These songs are our gateway to the past, representing histories, cultures and knowledge that are often difficult to discover. This Word contains all the words, all three words of Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu; all three worlds - Earths, ethers, Heavens…

World today strives too hard and people are irresponsibly ignoring systems control mechanisms stretching it's roots deeper and deeper in our daily life selling to people the lowest level of happiness, for the highest price of a Life.

Here you will find some attractive prayers to power yourself up for striving for Truth! Water in his tank, ivinds a rove, A light around his eyebrows that serves his needs. The fire that warms him and the soil that feeds him. Take a breath, from life hardness, find happiness - from the mindsets of slavery.

The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection I is a compilation of 15 female reggae artists from around the world. You already know many of them, from our previous collections, and if not- the last time to get to know the new talents! The new discography and music additions from this promising and talented group of upcoming female reggae stars. Black Sea Records offer to listen to the songs, as well as invite you to follow the profiles of musicians' social networks.

Here they are – Didi Jade, eLoise, Fatima Ezzahra, Estere Denis, Giana Juliet, Molarah, Valentina Iela, Music Melodiz, Chelsea Muller, Queen Kara, Melodic Mimi, Veronika Lebedskaya.

The Best Milky & Juicy Female Collection IV, will take you to another level, a life of peace and light, in which you can fly - in the rhythms of reggae. Love is the highest, love is all around us, and the peace we radiate, will we love ourselves… Isn't that what we're missing the most?

All songs are also available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music and everywhere else including Tidal where you can get a one month FREE subscription when signing up via Enjoyable listening!