Fatima Ezzahra collaborates with zHustlers and releases "Babylon Love Songs" – gift for the Valentine’s Day!

The young and talented Moroccan female artist Fatima Ezzahra has released an aggressive and reggae type favorite love songs cover album The Babylon Love Songs. Their best composition "Legalize It", originally Peter’s Tosh creative, featuring also Sinead’s O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares”, is available now on all leading digital music streaming platforms. 

"The Babylon Love Songs" is the second collaboration work of the musicians Fatima Ezzahra and zHustlers. She released it on Valentine's Day, February 14 this year. This was a Fatima’s first step towards her own first solo album – The Moon and The Stars which was released on August 22 last year. She has released more songs before and they are publicly available on a platform like Spotify mostly under zHustlers as she was a bands leading back vocalist for a few years. 

Fatima Ezzahra comes from Morocco. Despite the fact that she has only two publicly available solo albums on the leading digital music streaming platforms, she has been involved in music since she was a teenager. She started her reggae career back in 2019 with the release of two songs - "Leisure For One Day" and "The Jah Turns Little Troubles Into Non At All". 

In this respect, the musician is no longer a beginner. She has warmed up hearts by various well-known artist fans and has been featured on various playlists. Her potential is really huge and her future is bright. If she is able to play her cards correctly, she will definitely be at the top of the stage and music charts. Let's take a thumbs up for the new star! 

Although the musician does not stand out with the release of quite active songs, we will definitely have new compositions from this talented artist very soon. Her songs have deep meaning words, but that's nothing comparing to her incredible voice. This is 21st century music that everyone who likes music will appreciate still to have! 

The young singer can be compared to such world-famous music personalities as Bulgarian singer Sunheart and Brazilian rising star Mariana Magnani. Her work is really very similar to both of these stars. In addition, it really is professional. Everyone has to listen to her songs to understand what they are talking about. Give a chance to the music she created - maybe you will like one of the compositions and her music in general! 

We offer to listen to the composition "That Chocolate Box" published by Moroccan musician Fatima Ezzahra created by Black Sea Records. We also invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles - it will allow you to find out about the musician's news and upcoming songs more easily and quickly. It will also be a huge support for the musician! Instead of a reference, we have added a link that will take you to the musician's social profiles. Feel free to follow her Instagram profile now! Let's support the young singer together!