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Making pure vegetarian food available in every kindergarden, school and university worldwide. Vegetarian restaurant chain.


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Vegetarian and vegan restaurant chain

The Vedic scriptures establish non-violence (ahimsa), as the ethical foundation of vegetarianism. According to the Vedas, God is the Supreme Father of all creatures, not just humans. Therefore, the slaughter of innocent animals is considered equivalent to killing one's brother or sister.

Hare Krishna devotees follow a wholesome diet, which excludes meat, Fish and eggs. Although it may be argued that vegetarians are guilty of killing vegetables, vegetarian foods such as fruits, nuts, milk, and grains do not require killing. But even when a plant's life is taken, the pain it experiences is dramatically less than that of a highly sensitive animal such as a cow or lamb.
According to the law of karma, nature's law of action and reaction, human beings must suffer for any kind of killing that is against God's laws. For this reason, as well as to show recognition and appreciation for the Supreme Proprietor and supplier of all foodstuffs, devotees prepare vegetarian meals as devotional offerings to Krishna. Such spiritualised food is then called prasadam ("the mercy of Krishna"), which can be fully enjoyed.

Shri Krishna pure vegetarian restaurants offers food cooked by devotees of Shri Krishna. The aim of our project is to make this excellent food available to everyone! The Food at Shri Krishna Restaurants is exceptional in pureness and the way it is prepared.


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